Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has Plan for Getting Out of House During Sabbatical!

Ok, so I remembered a thing that is awesome about my house today, and that solves my coffee shop problem (as I'd begun to think of it). My house is just across the street from the bus that takes you into the "downtown" of the city near where I live. That area has many things that are awesome:
  1. Beautiful public library, which actually has a decent amount of academic stuff.
  2. Coffee shops.
  3. Ginormous used bookstore.
  4. Cool places to go for lunch.
  5. Etc.
I hadn't thought of this as a sabbatical option because downtown is a pain to get to if you don't happen to be near to the one bus line that takes you there, which my old place wasn't. Obviously I wouldn't want to deal with the traffic that goes with driving there, nor would I want to pay to park. So this is the perfect option: 2 or 3 days per week I will take the bus downtown and Think Deep Thoughts and make a day of it. 'Tis perfect!

Now with that settled, I think I will go and continue reading Heat, which I bought at the Ginormous Used Bookstore this afternoon, instead of reading stuff for research, though I also did snatch up two awesome academic books for a song, too, but who wants to read those?


Sisyphus said...

Fun! It's always good to avoid going stir-crazy when writing.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Bonus: bus rides are a great time to get caught up on fiction reading!

TiredProf said...

I loved that book!