Sunday, March 28, 2010

Work, Work, Work

So, yesterday I took the day off mostly, which was good. I lounged around, read, and finally got around to watching the movie The Reader. All in all, a relaxing sort of a day. Today, however, I cannot just waste away the day. On the agenda are the following items:

1. Put together draft of MLA panel proposal.
2. Grade for one of my classes.
3. Work out.
4. Clean kitchen and straighten up around the house generally.

All in all, a fairly manageable list.

But, as you might suspect from the fact that I'm blogging right now, I don't really feel like getting started on any of the above. I think I may need to use the kitchen timer system to get myself going.

In non-my-to-do-list-work news, two things. First, I'm very excited about the news I'm getting lately from students for whom I wrote recommendation letters this year. Aside from BES's grad school news, two other students were also accepted into MA programs, and another has been very successful with applying to law school (two acceptances to solid programs; and he's on the waiting list at some places that are really out of this world good). Now, I don't measure my success as a teacher by the number of my students who choose to apply to go on to more school. Not at all. But when students choose to take that path, it is really gratifying to see them be successful in their endeavors and to know that I helped to prepare them to be competitive for slots in strong programs.

In personal life news, no major news on the house front (Bank #1 is on board, we await confirmation from Bank #2, and in the meantime I'm still looking at other houses as they are listed), and I've been doing a lot of thinking and negotiating about personal life stuff in general in terms of relationships,which isn't terribly interesting (which is one reason why I'm not going to get into the details of it), but which I think is actually really positive, as much as such thinking and negotiating is not terribly fun in the short term. We'll see.

Ok, now to get to it with the things on the to-do list.


PhysioProf said...

Jeezus fuck, it's fucking Sunday. Work out, eat, drink booze.

Bardiac said...

Even though it's not a measure of your teaching wonderfulness, it's still delightfully good news when your students are successful in taking their next steps.

So, yay for you!

Academic2 said...

yesterday sounds like a lovely day.

If your house deal does go through, now is the time to start decluttering!

Ann said...

What did you think of The Reader? I haven't seen it yet (nor have I read the book). Should I bother?

(I need some ideas for my NetFlix queue once I've burned through Mad Men season 3.)