Friday, March 26, 2010

Hooray for Productivity!

I am officially totally caught up with grading in one class and nearly caught up in another! Huzzah!

(We're just not going to talk about the third class, which I will need to spend all day either Sunday or Monday grading for, though I'm not actually behind in that third class - just have stuff I must grade this weekend to stay on track.)

I did not get anything done around the house, but I think I don't care. That's what Saturday is for.

So now I'm going to shower (am disgusting) and then will meet up with BES for celebrating! Celebration of grad school admission with funding and celebration of grading being less now than it was this morning! Celebration of Friday! Celebration of Springtime!

(Yes, I really am this enthusiastic. This is what being totally caught up with grading in one class can do for a person.)


canuck_grad said...

Yay! Hope to be caught up on grading myself tomorrow.

And celebrate Dr. Anastasia's amazing defense for her too! :)

Anonymous said...

canuck, hee!

I'm so pleased for BES! Everything you said below about it being a master's program and with full funding makes it sound like it will be a really excellent thing one way or another.d

PhysioProf said...