Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Day Ahead

Hello, all! The sun is shining, and I've got much on my agenda for the day.

1. Grading. Yes, the grading madness continues. But I glanced at one of my syllabi yesterday and realized that we have but THREE things left to cover! And then I realized that we have but FOUR things left to cover in my other two classes! We are in the home stretch, people! The semester will end! The grading will be done! Huzzah!

2. I'll do some crap around the house. Whatever.

3. Regarding houses, I know you're all dying to know how my house-hunting progresses. Well. Regarding the short-sale house on which I made the offer, I'm still in limbo. BUT, progress is (slowly) occurring in this limbo state. See, there are two mortgages on the house, and two different banks to deal with. Bank #1 is on board. And things now do appear to be slowly getting underway with Bank #2. This is still my favorite of the houses I've seen, but I continue to look at listings and will be going to see more houses in the interim, hoping of course that Bank #2 is on board with my offer on short-sale house so that I can stop doing so and just move ahead with short-sale house. I will not start to worry in earnest until April 1. (And yes, I know that's next week, but a lot can happen in a week, or at least I hope that it can.)

4. BES and I have tentative plans to get together tonight for celebration! She remains on the wait-list at Fancy-Pants U, but she has been accepted to Respectable U with full funding! (and no, the stipend's not like a million dollars or something, but given the cost of living where the school is located, it is adequate, and so she should remain basically debt-free). Now, we all know that this is the beginning of a very long road for her, and yes, it is a road with many potential pitfalls and disappointments possible, but now is decidedly not the time to focus on that. Now is the time for celebration! Time enough for the doom and gloom in weeks and months and years ahead! I know that originally she had higher hopes than Respectable U, and those still might be realized, but the good thing about Respectable U (if this is where she ends up going) is that it's an MA program to which she was admitted, and so it's entirely reasonable that she can reapply for Fancy-Pants PhD Programs as she finishes out her time there, or, if she realizes the Ph.D. is not for her, she can bow out gracefully with her terminal M.A. without the angst and misery of feeling like she's "dropping out" of a Ph.D. program, or she can likely stay there for the Ph.D. In other words, this acceptance gives her options, and that is a very good thing.

So off I go to get started on my busy day.

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Bardiac said...

Congrats to BES! I hope she has a good grad school experience and learns LOTS! She's lucky to have you in her corner.