Saturday, May 24, 2008

RBOC: Still Procrastinating.... But Things Improve

  • So after making the to-do list yesterday, I accomplished exactly one thing on it. Cleaning out the Man-Kitty's litterbox. I am pathetic.
  • This morning, I did go into the pit of despair that is my refrigerator and basically disposed of its contents. This having been accomplished, it is now possible to consider making a real grocery store list that will involve actual healthy meals (as opposed to the nadir of my spring eating, which was Thursday's dinner of Oreos and milk).
  • Tonight I think I'm going to out to dinner with BFF, so that means my best course of action is to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning and to plan to chef things up tomorrow afternoon.
  • I'm considering going to the pool, which is now open.... That said, it is currently but 63 degrees. Clearly, I would not go into the pool, but rather would just lie beside it. Still, I feel as if only a stupid teenager would go "lay out" in such conditions. If she were getting ready for prom or something and wanted to be tan. Not that I know anything about such silliness (ahem, laying out the week before my prom and getting a horrifying sunburn even though it was but 60 degrees or something, thus meaning that for prom I sort of matched my pink dress as opposed to being the glorious golden-brown that I'd imagined when I decided that since it was not "hot" I could use baby oil as opposed to sunscreen).
  • In theory I should do work if I go to the pool, but I'm deciding what "work" I'd like to accomplish. Hmm.
  • I really need to run the dishwasher before I go though.... am so lacking in motivation, even for just the simplest tasks.
  • Also, can I just note that allergies - even with medicine - are horrifying right now. Tree pollen, I curse you.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Believe it or not, your post is motivating me to get my butt out the door and head to the farmer's market. And then come home and cook stuff for this week while I do some work.

I'm headed directly toward an Oreo and milk dinner these days (only I don't have Oreos or milk, but ice cream and fizzy water is about the same, yes?). Last night I had roasted potatoes and chips & salsa.

Head to the pool! Enjoy it! :)

Psych Post Doc said...

Even if it's not that warm, sitting by the pool makes you feel like it's summer. :)

I also tend to really enjoy working outside. Wrote most of my dissertation on my back deck in dissertation state.

And yes, allergies suck... even when well medicated.

Dance said...

I just wanted to say that my refrigerator is also a pit of despair, and it's really helpful to me emotionally to see someone else admit that in public. :)

There are permanent spaces in my refrig earmarked for "food gone bad."

helenesch said...

63 degrees sounds like perfect weather for laying outside in the sun--not too hot or too cold. And I often get more work done when I'm outside--no internet or other distractions. So I say, go enjoy the pool!

Andrea Turpin said...

i agree! i hope you went to the pool! your posts about lacking motivation always allow me to give myself permission to just *be*. it's refreshing.

Bardiac said...

Mmmm, Oreos! And you've got two of the major food groups covered (milk and sort-of chocolate). If you add peanut butter, you can call it health food!

Dr. Crazy said...

1. I love that my Posts of Slack motivate others. I should admit, I write them in order to motivate myself as well.
2. I *did* go to the pool. And much work was accomplished - figured out the midterm for a class and wrote some questions and enough that I can do the review sheet for them, and did some reading, and did my menus for the week/grocery list.
3. Everybody has moments in which their refrigerators are pits of despair. I don't even feel guilty about it because as bad as mine can get, it's never as bad as the Refrigerator of My Mother. Score one in the "me" column of the never-ending mother-daughter battle. (She has scores in the "making your bed every day" column, as well as in the "I have a tablecloth for every season of the year" column. I still think I win :))
4. The weather was totally lovely. And though my cheeks got a little pink, there is no Pink of Prom Dress Sunburn of which to complain! For I am not as stupid as I was when I was 17 years old! Sunscreen rules!
5. I am also glad that my posts about lacking motivation allow others to chill (in contradiction to #1). Dude, we are not machines. We cannot work constantly.

So after the pool, I hung out for a bit, went to dinner with BFF, and went to the grocery store in order to fill my fridge with goodies that are *healthy* and *easy to make*. Hurrah!