Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oof. I Should Not Be This Tired in Summer

So the teaching week is done, and after forcing myself to work for 8 hours today, I've finally finished the stuff I had to finish with the Book That Will Never Be Finished to mail off to my editor. (Yes, I thought I'd done that in November or December. Tragically, because of some permissions-related intrigues, I had to go back to the manuscript again. It's better for it, I think, but motherfucker.) So that means that I've got two smallish research tasks to finish up (notes for one article, some niggling citations for another) and then my research plate will be CLEAN. For the moment at least.

In other news, the summer classes go well, although I definitely won't teach one of them as a summer class ever again. It is lame in the summertime, I have decided. The other is *awesome* though I'm wondering how many will stick around now that they're getting their first real grades. Thought you'd take that gen. ed. class in the summer so it would be easy? Ah, that was a mistake. Dr. Crazy rests for no students, not even in summertime. Even though she's tired, so tired. Really, I'm a martyr. It's almost unbelievable the selflessness that I exhibit. Whatever, I think it's really just that I'm compulsive when it comes to how I structure a syllabus.

In other news, what? I don't know. I'm tired. That's the biggest thing. And I'm sick of having to do things. That's the second-biggest. But so now the week is over, and I (hopefully) can become re-energized. This is, at any rate, the plan.


Maggie said...

I feel you on the permissions crap. Good God, I found it sooooo complicated and time-consuming. So I don't doubt you're exhausted! Congrats on getting it done.

Hilaire said...

Yeah - that's a huge step! Congrats on sending the book off to the editor! Hope you sleep very very well and have a restful weekend.

Psych Post Doc said...

Hope the weekend gives you the R&R that you need!

Doctor Pion said...

Take a Sunday drive ... past all of the gas stations in your general neighborhood. Or comment on Dean Dad's lit/comp blog today.

I know what you mean about a summer class. Mine is in a compressed 6-week schedule that makes it a lot of work for me as well as them.

I find I have to do a lot of cheerleading when I hand back exams, to convince the ones that can earn a C (if they keep up the work) to finish the class.