Wednesday, May 07, 2008

RBOC: Allergies Suck and I'm Very Bitchy Edition

  • Allergies. Bah!
  • As for the bitchy thing, well, it's the end of the semester and this is sort of like the Season of Bitchiness, what with the stress and the allergies, etc. I flew off the handle at somebody last night - not in a crying freaky outy way but in a really cold and angry way. I think what I said wasn't entirely wrong, but it was... perhaps excessive. And not terribly kind. And it made me not especially a good friend, even though I think the whole point of my tirade was that I'm sick of being a good friend to a person who doesn't appear to appreciate that or to take how my feelings will be affected by things he says/does. But so I'm up this morning feeling a bit regretful and yet still angry. That is a pretty shitty way to feel. It's the whole tension between righteous indignation and not liking to hurt somebody's feelings, which I know I did. Whatever, it'll be fine or it won't.
  • Grading done for one class - to be done for the other (final today).
  • I've got about 8 hours of work that I should do for my admin gig this week. Need I say that I want to blow it off? I won't though. But I may put it off until the beginning of next week.
  • Did I mention that I start teaching summer school Monday? That is both awesome (nearly 10 grand (before taxes) for teaching 2 classes over a 7 week period) and sucky (I'm not done with one semester and I've got to start thinking about starting teaching again). The benefit of this, though, is that when I'm done I'll be totally done for like 6 weeks with absolutely no obligations. This will be good. Also, I'm teaching my classes in the evening, which means my days will be totally free in spite of working. This is also good. Must keep looking on the bright side.
  • In other news, I've got to buckle down and get a new and improved version of the book manuscript to my editor (not my own desire but rather the price I had to pay to secure the essential last copyright permission, which I now have in writing) and finally do the last tweaking on that article that I'd intended to send off a month ago. I think I'm going to do those things Thurs. through Sunday so that I can send them off on Monday. This means that barring any unforseen glitches (and shit, there'd better not be any more of those) the book will be out in November. As for the article, I'm not even sure I care anymore what happens with it. But that's the Bitchiness talking.
  • Ooh, the allergy meds are kicking in. Huzzah! Or at least I've decided that they are and so am slightly less cranky.
  • Hmmm.... what else? I fear I've passed my neuroses on to BES, who apparently had a breakup just in time for finals (something I've done at least 5 times) and then used the stuff she learned in my class to theorize her way out of caring about it so that she could get her work done (which, when she told me the story, reminded me of a breakup in graduate school in which I effectively convinced a non-academic beau that I don't actually have feelings but rather that feelings are a performance and a construction. Dude, of all the things I want to teach BES, this sort of fucked up logic isn't really one of them, but apparently in spite of my best efforts, and in spite of the fact that I wasn't aware that I was passing this nonsensical way of behaving along.... Indeed, they learn things we don't know that we're teaching.
  • You may be wondering about the Imminent Kitten. Well, word on the street is that he (whichever one he turns out to be) and his brothers are nearly weaned and know how to go in the litter box, but yet they are not yet two pounds. (Imagine the cuteness of the little wee darlings! Just imagine!) No actual photos or videos yet, but I've been promised that some are in the offing. And I should be able to bring the Imminent Kitten home in 2-3 weeks. I'm very excited, for nothing eliminates stress like a kitten. (Not to diminish the stress-relieving properties of the Man-Kitty, but well, he's got his own shit going on, too, for he's a grown-up.)
  • And now, just for the fun of it, a youtube thing I saw over at Dr. Pion's place, which I think might be the most hilarious thing I've seen in quite some time. I think I'll post it here and then watch it myself to give myself a little boost to get the day rolling. (Just now, when I was typing boost, I at first typed "booze" instead. This should tell you where my head is at :) )


Miranda said...

Regarding your second bullet point: I have to wonder about relationships that spend a lot of time in this zone. I have a friendship with a man that gets firmly planted in this cycle and sometimes it's just so effing exhausting.

My semester is done but clearly the Bitchiness is still a part of me.

Sisyphus said...

Heh! I loved the cat yodeling part of the video --- very very strange.

The History Enthusiast said...

My favorite part of the video was the performance art section. Priceless!