Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sick? Tired

So, yesterday I thought I was coming down with something, but I think I had given myself a psychosomatic illness because I'm just freaking exhausted. After 10 hours of sleep, I seem to have recovered.

In other news, I also got an acceptance to a conference today (huzzah! Fun times with BFF and FBA!). There is a large part of me that is embarrassed by the topic of this here conference paper that I shall now have to research, to write, and to present, but I really do think that it will turn out to be grand. I also love that I got the acceptance of it today, for the fact that it came on precisely today really does speak to the universe making things happen in ways that seem fated and perfect.

I also attended a meeting (painful in many ways, but not regarding what follows) and the revised major - my baby - has passed! 'Tis reality! 'Tis happening! One of the things that makes me most happy about this is that somehow we (not knowing what the future held at the time regarding the general studies curriculum) built something in that makes our new major perfectly suited to what is happening at the university-wide level. It also does a good job of limiting the amount of turf-establishing within the department both in terms of the major and in terms of general studies, and since I hate the whole turf thing, this pleases me to no end. ( I think my hatred of the turf stuff makes me a weirdo. But seriously: I believe that students will take my classes not because they have to but rather because they either are interested in the material (a) or because they want to take a class with me (b) or some combination of the two (c). I feel like if you need to require your shit to make your courses make enrollment means that you're probably a bad teacher. Let's note for the record that I teach a lot of stuff that is not exactly intriguing to the uninitiated, so this isn't a feeling that I have because I teach something students just love without reservation or initiation. Let's also note that some of the turfiest people I know teach shit that on its own is a lot more accessible than what I teach. And I'm a mean lady, so it's not like people take my classes because I'm easy. Whatever the case, yay for making the whole "turf" thing less of an issue!)

In other news, all of my rage of the past week seems to have born fruit and to have positively influenced the direction of some Very Important Things, in spite of the fact that I didn't make some Grand Proclamation at today's Meeting of Pain about how I Hate Everything. I think everybody gets the sense that I hate everything, though, which does please me. I somehow walked that fine line between "Contentious Bitch" and "Team Player" and while I never thought I would successfully walk that line, indeed, I seem to have managed it.

So, those were and are all my things for the moment. And I am so looking forward to the weekend.


k8 said...

Glad to hear the sleep helped! Whenever I feel ill that's the only thing that helps.

The weekend will be good. Perhaps you might grace your readers with images of the magnificent Man-Kitty and his bosom buddy, Mr. Stripey???

Crescentius Matherus said...

Congrats on all the good news!