Thursday, November 05, 2009

Long. Motherfucking. Day.

I awakened this morning around 7. I then proceeded to drink coffee, to read blogs, to write a blog post, etc. I then, at around 8:30, decided it was time to shower. Tragically, I could not shower as the water in my neighborhood was shut off because of road resurfacing. Thus, I had to brush my teeth with water from the refrigerator and perfume and deodorant it up and hope for the best. Gross.

I then proceeded to a 9:30 appointment which took an hour. I then graded for an hour and a half, and then I met with a student for about 45 mins. I realized it was unrealistic to think I'd finish grading. So I went off to teach my class. My students, well, they looked wiped. about 5 people are out with a flu-like illness, and the rest - dead tired. Given my own state, I said, "students, I am not this sort of professor, but I shall take pity on you. Go. Use this hour wisely."

I, however, did not get an hour to use wisely or otherwise. For one of my students asked me if I would talk to her about options after graduation. Apparently, her adviser is "weird." I don't know who it is, but whatever. She's a nice student and I was happy to help. I then found a request for a recommendation for Americorps in my in-box, for a former student who's great but dude. I have no time to deal with it. I then stopped in to talk to my chair, and then I went off to the curriculum committee mtg. At which time, two things happened.

Remember how we were working on revamping our major requirements? Like a gajillion years ago? Well, the first (and most important) part of those changes have passed, passed, passed! Huzzah! I then somehow ended up volunteering my services for yet another fucking committee that grew out of the 3 committees I've been on since July. Never fear: this one shall only require some emailing and one meeting. I suppose I could have not volunteered, but really, I needed to do so.

That meeting done, I went back to my office to finish grading. Then I taught my grad class (which went pretty well, all things considered), and then I gave them their proposals back with an hour left to go, and then met with each of them individually, which ended up taking an hour and a half and not an hour. In between students, I advised BES about one of her statements of purpose. And then I was free to go home.

So now I'm home, I'm drinking a glass of wine, and I am looking forward to a day tomorrow that shall involve my kittens, my pajamas, and my couch. This week was brutal. This day was the most brutal of the entire week.



PhysioProf said...

That's so typical of you commie professors to take Fridays off to lounge around after only a four day work week indoctrinating your students to hate America.

Sisyphus said...

Well just think of the damage they'd do if they were indoctrinating students 5 days a week! America should fall down on their knees and thank the professors for being so lazy!

Dr. Crazy said...

I think that's "pinko commie scum" proffies, PhysioProf :) Get your terminology right.

If it makes you feel better, I'll be writing letters of recommendation for students for grad school as well as for Americorps tomorrow, so I'm still on the indoctrinating case (indeed, I'm paying it forward by spreading my intellectual commie seed), even if in jammies and with kittehs :)

Belle said...

Dear Pinko Commie Scum:

It's a big club. Welcome.