Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Menu

So I've been busily cooking for the past couple of hours, and I should be done with the do-aheadable stuff (other than the pumpkin pie, which I'll make when my mom arrives later) by 1 this afternoon. I thought you all might like to take a gander at my menu for this Thanksgiving.

  • Golden Delicious Apple and Cheddar Turnovers with Dried Cranberries. Good for breakfast (I should know - I had to "test" one since it was a new recipe this morning), good for dessert. Just plain good. And easy. And even if your turnovers look like crap when you put them in the oven, by magic they look like they come from a magazine when you remove them from the oven.
  • Green Beans and Walnuts with Lemon Vinaigrette.
  • Turkey, obviously.
  • My little grandma's giblet gravy. (Comes out perfect every time! And you don't have to make a roux!)
  • Mashed potatoes. This year I decided to do baby yukon gold and leave the skins on because I didn't feel like peeling.
  • Mashed rutabaga, what my little grandma would have called "turnip" although it's a rutabaga and not turnips.
  • Stuffing. (I don't do anything fancy with stuffing. No chestnuts, no sausage, no oysters, no corn-bread. Just plain old white bread stuffing with some celery, carrot, and onion. Salt and pepper. Chicken stock. Oh, and then there's the ton of butter that is what makes it delicious. And eggs for binding. But I'm a stuffing purist. I don't need no stinkin' pancetta or mushrooms or nuts or what have you in my stuffing.)
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Pecorino.
  • Sweet Potato Gratin.
  • Pumpkin Pie. (I use the How to Cook Everything recipe for both crust and filling.)
So what will you be having?


Anonymous said...

you put eggs in the stuffing? I've never done that, oddly enough, and I am all about the white bread stuffing with celery and onion and chicken stock just like you are.

We are having turkey--our first! the kids finally eat enough to justify a small turkey instead of a mere chicken.

Stuffing. White bread, plain old stuffing. I will admit I made the chicken stock myself.

Cranberries. Kizzy loves the whole cranberry sauce.

Broccoli. Another kid favorite.

Garlic mashed potatoes. Lots of garlic. The kids love garlic.

Rolls. Often I make them but this year, brown and serve.

Very plain, actually, but it will be tasty. And a pumpkin pie for dessert.

Belle said...

got room for an extra at your table, Crazy? Because that sounds just wonderful.

Annie Em said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Crazy. The menu sounds divine.

I was going to make green beans with hazelnuts and gorgonzola, but the recipe you linked to looks even better.

PS: Loved your posting in response to DD---too swamped to comment intelligently on the issue this week, but greatly appreciate your posting.

britney debeauvoir said...

I'm doing my first Thanksgiving without family, so some friends and I are putting together a meal. I'm making my grandma's rolls and my mom's cornbread chicken and dressing (because it's not T'giving without them), along with a ginger and orange-scented cranberry salad, pumpkin pie, and tiramisu. The last three all have alcohol in them (triple sec in the cranberries, bourbon in the pumpkin pie, and rum and marsala in the tiramisu), which seems appropriate for a dinner for dissertation-writing grad students and their long-suffering partners. (:

PhysioProf said...

Jesus motherfucking christ, that shit sounds defuckinglicious!!!! For reasons I can't go into, I'm going to be eating some fucking swill. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I may have to switch out my brussels sprouts recipe for yours! Yum. Made the soup. My brother is busy with the Cranberry Pear relish. In addition to the turkey we'll have soup, two stuffings (one corn bread, one sausage/fennel); mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, sweet potato souffle, and someone is bringing pies (3 kinds, I gather.) Wine. Wine. Wine.

Have a great day.

Terri said...

you are the only other person i know who does the mashed rutabaga! i'm in spain this year and that is the one dish i will really miss today. we make ours with butter, salt and pepper--you too?

Susan said...

Just want to say that the brussels sprouts have garnered rave reviews...

Dr. Crazy said...

Susan! I'm so glad! Let me tell you: I thought before this recipe that I hated brussels sprouts. HATED. In all contexts. All my life. I could eat these all day long. Yay that you got the rave reviews!

Dr. Crazy said...

Terri - yes, butter, salt, pepper, and some milk. It's one of the things that makes it thanksgiving for me - My grandma always had it.