Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Bullets of UGH.

  • I woke up at 4:30 this morning because my throat hurt when I swallowed. Also my left ear twinged a bit.
  • Oh, and because a certain Man-Kitty was on my chest purring and putting his little fluffy paw on my face to bring me to consciousness. You see, we had gone to bed early because I wasn't feeling all that great last night, although really I just felt tired and achey.
  • I have 10 portfolios to grade, 20 tests to grade, and 16 short papers to grade. I also have 22 short papers coming in today. Oh, and Derrida. Did I mention I'm teaching Derrida?
  • I also am scheduled to give a conference paper next week. I have not begun said conference paper.
  • Oh, and I have that r and r that I said I'd get in by Feb. 15. I can't even talk about that.
  • Needless to say, I freaked out on FB, which wasn't entirely without cause though it was out of all sense of proportion. Poor FB. Except not because if he would just be more attentive then maybe I wouldn't blow up at him like a freak. (Except let's be honest: I probably would, because I'm not sure there is enough attentiveness in the world to surmount all of the previous bullets.)
I've got about three hours available to knock out some grading before I teach. I know that checking that off the list would probably make me feel a little less crummy. However, I am seriously considering returning to bed with coffee and some toast and continuing in reading this series, which has been really making me feel quite cozy in these winter doldrums, but may be compromising my productivity, perhaps.


Susan said...

Poor Crazy. The doctor orders hot honey & lemon to clear the throat...

jennyfields said...
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jennyfields said...

Derrida is fuuuuuun... I've talked to professors who just left him out of the english colloquium all together. He can be pretty inscrutable for fledgling undergrads. However, I did manage to pull an interesting Derrida-inspired analysis of Addie Bundren's section of As I Lay Dying for another class.

Hope you feel better.

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I had some soup for lunch, and I'm taking it easy tonight. I feel as if I may have the Sickness of Not Wanting to Grade and Write as opposed to the Real Sickness. We shall see.

As for Derrida, if I do say so myself, I think I rocked it out today in theory, and I think that while my students' heads hurt because of it, that the heads hurting was a result by the end of class of minds being blown and not of irritation. By the way, I can't imagine not teaching any Derrida in this course. Now, I wouldn't have them read all of Of Grammatology or something - that would be uncool - but "Structure, Sign, and Play"? Totally reasonable, and not at all beyond them. Hard, yes. Impossible, no.