Sunday, July 01, 2007

RBOC: Saturday Night Special Edition

  • You know what movie is really quite a pleasure to watch? Can't Hardly Wait. I know, I know, but it has a million people in it and it's quite a romp. I actually have many theories about this movie, which I could go on about at length, but I will spare you that.
  • I'm a big loser because what I did with my Saturday night is watch the above, as well as A Prairie Home Companion, and all of this only after the marathon of Britain's Next Top Model was done.
  • No, my day wasn't only spent loafing around, but yes, there was a lot of loafing.
  • BFF has been begging me to do a blog post about an incident I had recently in which I met some parents. She says that she imagines the whole thing was like the sketch on Saturday Night Live with Gilda Radner and Bill Murray as nerdy boyfriend-girlfriend characters Lisa Loopner and Todd diLamuca, only in an interesting gender reversal I would play the role of Todd, who comes to the house and whines, "Hi, Mrs. Loopner" to the mom character played by Jane Curtain. Another possible way of writing about this experience would be to riff on it in a whole Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers sort of parody (this idea courtesy of my mother, who, when I described something I saw in the home of the parents, responded, "Oh, you saw the Wall of Gaylord," and laughed and laughed...)
  • What's crazy is that I'm going to be meeting some more parents this summer while in the UK. What the heck? I don't meet parents! Not even of people I am in actual romantic relationships with... unless I'm like moving in with them or something! And somehow this is the summer where boys are putting Crazy on display for parents in spite of that fact! And I should note that I'm nobody's girlfriend, which makes the situation all the more interesting and (quite frankly) bizarre. Maybe I'm being used as some kind of a beard?
  • PMS blows.
  • So too does the fact that I'm totally and completely unprepared for my trip. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.
  • Oh, and I know I got tagged again for the 8 things meme but I already did it.
  • Yes, I do believe that's all for the evening. I think I should go to bed and read or something (even though I already tried going to bed, reading, and even fell asleep, but then I woke up because I'm an idiot). Apparently I felt that I could not rest without having composed this dumb blog post :)


Scott Eric Kaufman said...

What I love most about Can't Hardly Wait is the appearance of nearly every minor Buffy character: Oz, Tara, The Invisible Girl, Jonathan, Andrew, &c. It's as if Whedon and his team culled the film's outtakes for a de facto casting call.

Eddie said...

I love Can't Hardly Wait! The soundtrack is the best.