Monday, July 02, 2007

Let the Games Begin

Well, dear bloggy friends, I have some loose ends to tie up around the house (to run the dishwasher, to pack some crap to take to my mother's, to pack up the Man-Kitty's accessories and the Man-Kitty himself) and then I'm off to Hometown. I've made the (I'm sure unwise) decision to finish my conference paper tomorrow while everybody's at work - I'm going to go to Dissertation Coffee Shop and hope that inspiration strikes. Or, if not inspiration, just enough motivation to finish the damned thing. This is the beauty of DCS - it is grimy and the coffee's not great, but it is a place where I can, without fail, write. Or at least this has been true historically.

I've gathered together everything I think I need for my trip, and I had a windfall of cash from a travel reimbursement that I was fortuitously able to pick up today, and so really, it seems as if everything is coming together. I'm now doing the thing where I blog in order to try to think of anything I might be forgetting that I really can't afford to forget, but I think that with all of my obsessive list-making that I'm in pretty good shape.

But so, what this means is that I will likely not be blogging much between now and the third week of July or so. While I'll try to check in every now and again, I should be pretty much unconnected for the duration until I'm back stateside and actually, probably, until I'm back home for real. So at any rate, that's just a heads up for those of you who may look around next week and say, "Hey, where did Dr. Crazy go? Is she ok?" for yes, I will be ok, just off the map for a bit. I'm a firm believer in going off the map periodically, for really, the world will not end if I am not constantly connected. And I should have oodles of things to report upon my return, and that will be fabulous as well.

Ok, off to finish my preparations and to get out on the road on what is a sunny, blue-skied, gorgeous day for a drive across Homestate.


Nik said...

Have a great trip. We'll be blog-bored without you!

Sisyphus said...

Bon voyage! Have a great time! We'll miss you! Keep some notes so you can tell us everything when you get back, 'k?

This may cause a crisis in my procrastinatory blog-reading, but I'll roll with it.