Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hmmm. Perhaps Not Dammit?

Perhaps I just needed to whip myself up into a frenzy of stress in order to take care of business. I'm now feeling quite calm, and like everything won't be horrifying. Who knew that this was possible?

The Man-Kitty does seem to be aware that there are strange happenings afoot. Ah well, he is a cat who must learn to adapt. I'm thinking that he's becoming far too set in his ways. A trip to Hometown will do his spoiled self some good, I'm thinking.

But so yeah, I'm still feeling a bit at loose ends, but I suppose this is normal when one is leaving town for an extended journey. And as for the conference paper, well, I've given stupider ones. I just need to get over myself and whip the thing into shape in the coming days.

Everything's going to be great. I know it is, so I need to stop my bitching.

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helenesch said...

I don't know if this happens to you frequently, but I nearly always freak out before leaving for a trip--a conference or a vacation, it seems not to matter. I am not really sure why this is, but I've pretty much come to accept that it happens. I nearly always have a good time--esp. if some fun vacationy stuff is part of my trip. But the day before leaving, I typically feel like I really don't even want to go.

In any case, have a fun trip! (I'm sure you will...) You'll take care of stuff on the other end once you return (you always do!)