Monday, October 30, 2006

Oof. Am Exhausted

So I realize that we gained an hour, but I do not feel like I've gained an hour. My body is still on Daylight Saving Time. I know - what's an hour? My the time change every fall and spring always does a number on me. And it doesn't help that I'm trying to do too many things, so that I really needed like 14 extra hours (all of which I'd spend sleeping, if I had my way). So what's on Crazy's agenda this week?

1. Mail off late entry into the application sweepstakes.
2. Check to make sure letters of rec are sent off.
3. Meet with 472 students, some for advising, some to talk about papers.
4. Finish up with the novel I'm teaching in my upper-div. class.
5. Grading (oh yes, It's round...three of grading in the semester.)
6. Finish polishing book proposal and send the blasted thing off.
7. Cross fingers that some jobs want additional materials.
8. Cross fingers that some jobs will want to interview me.
9. Teach bunches of things, most (but not all) of which I've taught before.
10. Watch Man-Kitty take a bath. (Ok, so that's not really on the to-do list, but he's cleaning his little kitten toes right now and is very cute.)

I'm sure there's more, but I just can't take in any more than what I've already written down. Tonight I'm going to do the following: work on the book proposal, in the hope of completing it and having it ready to mail off tomorrow; prep for the final day with the novel I'm teaching; think for a moment about the texts I'm teaching in my other class.

Sorry about how boring this post is. I'm just tired and overwhelmed. Incidentally, though, I did drag my ass to the gym today, so that's a good thing. Must go eat some dinner. Perhaps that will give me energy and focus.

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