Saturday, October 28, 2006

"I'll Bet You a Dozen Floppy Disks..."

I just got back from dinner out with BFF at our favorite little mexican place that we affectionately call "La Cucaracha." And now I'm home, and Sixteen Candles is on one of the HBO channels, and so that's my Saturday night.

Probably not good that I'm watching the Sixteen Candles, because I'm feeling kind of... somber. Somehow watching this movie makes me feel like I'm about 14 years old and really lame when I'm in this sort of a mood. Add to the fact that it's Saturday night, and, well, you see.

Part of the problem is that I hate Halloween. I especially hate the way adults have co-opted Halloween and run around in couples costumes. Or maybe I just hate couples.

Part of the problem is that some whippersnapper got my attention (sort of touched my arm) as I was going into La Cucaracha and told me to "smile," which I hate, because when dudes tell me to smile I can't stop myself from doing so (a) and also because I felt kind of flattered even though I shouldn't (b).

Part of the problem is that I'm sick of my stupid, dumb life.

I may be as big of a loser as Farmer Ted when he gets trapped under the glass coffee table at Jake Ryan's party. Only I don't suspect I'll then get to lose my virginity to the prom queen or similar as some sort of redemption from my loserdom.

- end whine -

But don't you love the floppy disks quote? How old this movie is! How old I am (frown).


Addy N. said...

16 candles RULES! Is it on TBS? I should be watching that, too, because I am sure as hell not doing anything productive right now (except bidding for things on eBay!) The music in those 80s John Hughes movies is awesome. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I'm half of a couple and I *hate* couples costumes. gag!

Manorama said...

This post is honest, funny, realistic, thoughtful, and sad all at the same time. I really like it because it brought up so many different feelings. (I read your dad post before I read this're such a great writer, Dr. C.)

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks for the compliment, Mano, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)