Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On the CHE Forums again.

And this thread is talking about timelines for hearing back from journals in different disciplines. Another situation in which I'd not post over there, even if I did, in fact, do anything other than lurk. As my journal article that came out this year was accepted (with some very minor revisions) within one week of me submitting it for review. Now, I was invited to submit by the editor after the editor heard my talk at MLA (another bizarre thing, what many regard as an urban myth about what can happen from and MLA presentation), so I suspect there was more motivation than there might have been for an article submitted without solicitation. My point here is this: these forums are stupid. There is no rhyme or reason to this profession.

Oh, and can I just also add that I'm not sure how I feel about the whole introduction of the wiki into the academic job search? When I went on the market the year I got this job, there was no job search wiki. And I think that the not knowing (and not caring) once applications were sent off was preferable to wondering whether there are wiki updates. Because again, there is no rhyme or reason to this profession.

That said, I've gotten some response from 5 of the 9 places I've applied (in the form of yes, we received it and here's an EEOC thing for you to fill out for the most part). I'm kind of impressed with this, as the first deadline for any place I applied was today. Maybe applying before the deadline does have its merits?

(I still haven't done any prepping for tomorrow - including post-it-ing. I may be a slacker.)

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Anonymous said...

I will say, I've never been blessed with that kind of turnaround. My advisor once told me that it was kosher to inquire after three months, and by that logic, I've had to inquire after almost every submission...