Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nevermind How Do You Get a D on a Take-Home Exam

How do you get a 34? A 34 out of 100%?

I'll tell you how. You don't do an essay worth 25%, you don't answer all of the non-essay questions, and even those questions you do answer you don't answer them completely.

They had a week with this thing. WTF?

In other news, I continue to be a stress-monkey, and this has resulted in me sending random emails to people, calling my high-school/college ex-boyfriend, who was too busy watching football and drinking beer to talk for more than five minutes, but in that five minutes did manage to re-propose marriage (as in, a pact that we will marry if we're still ALONE in 6 years- because in a previous conversation I'd bargained up to 38, as I couldn't imagine agreeing to anything such as this at a younger age but really, I'm not marrying anybody because of a pact).

At any rate, I am sick of this stupid job search. I am sick of the stresses of my current job. I'm sick of being the sort of person who's big excitement is finding out a new food that my cat enjoys (for it has become apparent that the Man-Kitty enjoys the fish-flavored wet food, even though he's the One Cat in the World who turns his nose up at the tuna).



Nik said...

Welcome to my world. Flaked Fish-flavored Fancy Feast is the only food, beside Iams, that my cats like. At least you got your materials in the mail!

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, some of them are going in the mail tomorrow, but yes, it is a relief that this part of it is just about over. Of course, this part being over means that other parts are beginning, which is no fun.

Now, the Man-Kitty is Very Particular and he refuses to eat Fancy Feast as well. (I tried when he ran out of his science diet wet food.) On the other hand, I think that he might think he's died and gone to heaven if he were allowed to eat Meow Mix! all the time - I bought him that one time when he ran out of his regular dry food, and let me tell you - that Man-Kitty lost his mind! Apparently, he feels about Meow Mix! the way that I feel about chips and dip - it's garbage, but it is delicious :)

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

My boys would eat the bad for them food as well... don't give in. Really, if he's hungry, he'll eat what is there for him.

I marvel at how students can't do well when given the time and resources. I think it is because they don't really care enough to put in the time needed to complete the assignment. If it makes you feel any better I had students fail a take-home t/f, multiple choice quiz on my SYLLABUS. I also have a bunch who didn't turn it in, even with an extended deadline.

psychgrad said...

It really blows my mind when students don't care at all about how they do in a course. Getting a 34% on an exam is pretty pathetic.

I've decided I cannot care on behalf of a student.