Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, not really a vacation. More like a visit to Hometown, where Friend from High School is (finally) graduating from college this weekend and where I will go to spend Mother's Day with my mommy. The Man-Kitty will be along for the journey, and I shall take photographs of him that I will post upon my return. (These should be very exciting, as both of my parents have procured gifts for him, and I procured a new carrier for him, which I think he will like better for the four-hour drive because it should allow him more freedom for stretching.)

In other news, things are pretty much all wrapped up with the semester. Grades are posted, I met for the last time with my thesis advisee (who gave me a present! I'm so excited! She so didn't need to do that!), I had lunch with my mentor (who is just so totally great, even if he does work on American Writer I Can't Stand), and now I'm going to finish cleaning up around the house and pack for the trip.

Tomorrow promises to be very fun, indeed, as my Friend from High School has her last final and we are going out tomorrow night with a bunch of people to celebrate. Perhaps I shall be the Kissing Bandit? I feel that to be the Kissing Bandit would get my summer off to a good start....

I shall try to post from the road, but if not, I shall definitely be back next week. Yay summer!

Oh, and if you're looking for an interesting read, check out this post over at Bitch Ph.D., as well as the comments.


Alice said...

Have lots of fun!

Seeking Solace said...

Have a great trip!

Eddie said...

Enjoy! Being the Kissing Bandit sounds like a lot of fun.

*please note my new blog address*