Friday, May 05, 2006


That's right, folks, I have not only finished GRADING but I have also finished TABULATING FINAL GRADES! It is true! I am very productive and on top of things!

This, in spite of the incredible lack of judgment that I exhibited in participating in Dr. Medusa's Happy Hour last evening. Or, perhaps this wildly irresponsible behavior actually made the grading possible? It is hard to know, though I do know that it probably was a good thing that I went to bed at 9:30 PM because it meant that I was up and at em' at 5AM with a bee in my bonnet spurring me on to grade like a machine!

Thoughts now that I've graded all of my students:
1) I still need to do some tweaking in the grade break-down in my writing classes. I'm making too much work for myself.
2) I think I need to be a little tougher on my intro to lit classes - either that or my section this semester really was just stupendously hard-working and/or bright. I don't like giving as many A's as I gave - it takes some of the joy of the A away when everybody gets one. That said, they earned them, so it's not like I'm going to take the A's away. I just may need to change things up a bit the next time I teach the class, make things a bit more challenging, I think.
3) I am so glad the semester is over.

So now, to post the grades, to email some students, to do some stuff around the office, and then to shop for outfits that might be appropriate for a day-to-night date.


Addy N. said...

Congratulations on finishing your grades! Have fun shopping and have fun on your date- I can't wait to read all about it!

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks, A. And did you see that we really did reply to you last night? We didn't want you to feel left out!

luolin said...

but happy for you all the same. And now I should get back to (by which I mean start) grading exams.

Ms. Pipestem said...

Hey, I'll buy you lunch if you finish my grading?

Kidding. But seriously, I have the same issue. Lately the grades in my writing classes are REALLY HIGH. It's partly because I've gotten really good at teaching the assignments I teach, so unless they don't come to class, they tend to be able to pull of Bs... and a lot of As. I wouldn't mind -- what's not to love about how grades that make students happy?-- except that there's a lot of pressure in this dept. to give many Cs and Ds to students to show them "what level their writing is at." But... when I've tried this, the students have been seriously mutinous and I've been unhappy also. (I don't mean, giving Cs and Ds to papers I think deserve it, I mean instead giving Cs and Ds in order to have a really "balanced" section GPA.)

Ah well. My thought is, I don't earn enough money to worry about this TOO hard. And I like having students feel pleased about their own ability to write, rather than having them scared off of English forever.

Have fun on your date; post pics of the outfit?

helenesch said...

I'm really jealous, too! But if I had an upcoming date to motivate me to finish, maybe I'd be getting this done more quickly! Hope things go well...

bbound said...

Oh my god, can I tell you how much I hate being on the quarter system? We still have five more weeks to go!

Alice said...

Congratulations! Now, have a good time!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA -- it is nice to hear that someone actually gets out of grading jail. Enjoy the freedom and sunshine -- give those of us on the inside some hope for the future.