Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

  • Will it stop raining before nightfall for at least 45 minutes? And, if so, how does one know when that 45 minutes will happen? Because I would like to get a walk in today, but I am not going to get wet on purpose in order to do it.
  • It occurs to me that I'd be a much more fit person if I had a dog rather than the two lazy kitties who share my home. Or, if we're really honest, I'd have an obese dog.
  • The kittens are grand, by the by. The Man-Kitty especially has been working up to do a post. He isn't telling what it will involve: he would like to keep an aura of mystery and suspense around the project. Mr. Stripey makes a noise that sounds something like this in your direction: "Blllrrrilllppp!" He also puffs out his cheeks and makes clicking sounds. As of yet, only an errant housefly or spider and the Man-Kitty know what these noises mean.
  • I defrosted and cleaned my refrigerator today. Eww. Only now clean, so yay.
  • I also took myself out for coffee, where I began making a grocery list and enjoyed a iced chai tea latte. Yummy.
  • I'm currently reading The Secret History, which I'd thought I'd read before, but apparently no. It's pretty engaging, though for me it was a bit slow in the beginning.
  • Ok, just took a gander at the hourly forecast, and apparently there is the potential of severe thunderstorms with hail and lightening strikes throughout the evening. I will not be braving the elements for a walk. ETA: This was a lie. Well, maybe there will be more storms, but it looked like it was clearing, so I chanced it. By the time I was sweatily coming home from my walk, the skies had cleared and the sun was shining. Stupid forecasters.
  • I do believe that's all. I should return some phone calls, although I'm not really feeling like talking on the phone. Perhaps I'll make a snack for myself and read a bit, and then see how I feel.


gwinne said...

The Secret History is probably my favorite "popular" book. I was actually thinking of rereading it this summer.

Bardiac said...

Most dogs are VERY good at encouraging walks. And many dogs also encourage lots of ball playing and neighborly interaction (Best with very friendly dogs).