Monday, June 08, 2009

Mmm. Yummy Lunch, and Other Thoughts on a Monday

So I just made myself a delicious tuna salad wrap for lunch (am back on the healthy eating bandwagon which is doing wonders for my mood and sense of well being - now I've just got to get back in the groove with working out), and now I'm considering whether I should be productive this afternoon or whether I should indulge myself in lazing about. Note: I ended up going to the pool yesterday rather than working on the article all day, so it's not like there was no lazing about this weekend, though it is true that I worked on the article for about 2 solid hours last night. With a few small gaps, I do have a complete draft (I'd say about 50% of it is tight and close to publishable - the other 50% needs some major editing/revision). I think I need to let it sit today, maybe, print out a copy, and then go from there tomorrow or the next day. Hmmm. That seems like a reasonable plan.

You know, maybe I should work out this afternoon. The problem is, I don't actually feel like going to the gym but it's kind of gross (hot/humid) outside. I suppose I must think on this.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I do have lots of things I need to begin thinking about accomplishing this summer, but for now, I'm sort of enjoying just chilling out. I suppose I will go in to the office no later than 4, though, so that I can get some grading done and some prep, and maybe do some stuff around my office. Right now, though, I think I might go have a banana.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You could workout in the pool -- a combo of walking and aerobics class exercises works pretty well in the water, and you don't get hot.

Dr. Crazy said...

Which is what I would do if the pool weren't still ice cold. That will definitely be a viable solution by July.