Monday, June 29, 2009


  • It was very cool actually seeing my book live in a bookstore.
  • It was even cooler than that to visit with my aunt for the first time in years - and for the first extended time in more years than that.
  • The Pride parade in NYC was very cool indeed.
  • The kitties went on a slight hunger strike in my absence (meaning that they refused to eat wet food but gobbled the dry, as while they like to make a statement, they do not like to be hungry).
  • I got to see High School Best Friend and her mom while in the city and that was super-awesome as well.
  • Dunno what else. Don't want to teach tonight, but isn't that what I say almost every day? Only 4 more weeks left....
  • Oh, and I'm finally reading that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book by Stieg Larsson, which a Lebanese cousin had recommended to me last summer, but which I never got around to checking out. Engrossing.


Susan said...

Welcome back! I love your kitties version of a hunger strike. Mine would refuse to eat anything but canned food direct from a newly opened can (so it wasn't cold, or anything)!

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, Mr. Stripey has been turning up his nose at this wet food for a while (for my cats are s-p-o-i-l-e-d) and apparently Man-Kitty just got the memo. I gave them a seafood variety tonight and they both gobbled it up :)