Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oh, and My Favorite Christmas Presents!

This year was a good year present-wise, although you'd not think it was since I totally didn't even think to talk about my presents in my last post. (Yes, I'm procrastinating again). ANYWAY, I got GREAT STUFF, even though my mom had claimed that she just "wrapped up a bunch of junk" and that she felt like I wouldn't like any of it. The reason, of course, that it was such a great Christmas is that my mom always gets me stuff I DON'T like usually (unless she asks me for a list) and so the fact that she thought everything sucked actually meant it was all totally awesome. So anyway, here are my favorite things of all my presents:

1. An old-fashioned recipe box. (This was something I asked for. My mom thought it was dumb - why not just xfer my recipes into my ipod or computer or whatever? And what about all those cookbooks I've got? Well, it turns out that my cookbooks are all turning totally disgusting from actually cooking with them, and I can imagine all of my electronic equipment would become similarly disgusting if I tried to use it while cooking. No, the old-fashioned recipe box will be AWESOME. When a recipe gets gross, I can just copy it out onto another card again and voila - no more nasty cookbooks or recipes or whatever.)

2. A Scrabble page-a-day calendar.

3. A gift card for Half-Price Books.

4. Corningwear baking dishes.

5. The movie Elf (which I really love).

6. New wine glasses (for I do enjoy a glass of wine, and I'm perpetually breaking wine glasses).

And then a bunch of other junk, some of which really was junk, like, for example, these weird shoe-polishing cloths. Maybe if I were another person I'd be into them, but I suspect I'll never use them. She also wrapped up some scented pot pourri stuff, but since I don't have a pot pourri burner, the gift fell a bit flat. Ah well, I did have a lot to open :)

Oh! And maybe my best presents! The Man-Kitty apparently phoned ahead to his grandma so that she would get some presents for me from him. (I know, too silly, but whatever.) The Man-Kitty got me a mug that says "Meow-y Christmas" with a drawing of a cat (love it) and a figurine (because apparently I now have a collection of figurines, even though I've never collected such things of my own accord. I've got both angel ones and non-angel ones, and other than the cat one, the others I've got all have to do with books and learning and things. Although I'm still not a figurine person - as I'm not a person who really believes in dusting - these are actually ok and I kind of like them).

Ok, so that's my conspicuous Christmas consumption post. Now I'm going to leave the internet (although it pains me to do so) and do some reading and then make delicious beef-barley-mushroom soup for my parents, because I'm the nicest child in the world (and we won't have anything decent to eat in the house if I don't do that because apparently they just don't cook here anymore).


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you've had a good Xmas - my mom left today and I can *finally* get around to prepping for MLA in earnest.

Btw, which hotel is the blogger meet-up being held at??

Can't wait - safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I got a gift card for Half Price Books too - I already used half of it today! :)

PhDing said...

Consuming wine and the breaking wine glasses seem to happen in tandem at my house as well. Hmmm.

Getting ready for Philly as well. Good luck with your interviews.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Corningware, so enjoy. Hard to break those, too.

Ancarett said...

I love my recipe box, too! I have little plastic sleeves to cover the most frequently used or most moist ingredient using recipe cards.