Thursday, December 07, 2006

All Praise Chianti and the iPod Shuffle

I'm in SUCH a better mood. I've cheffed up tomorrow's feast for my freshmen (a delicious quiche-like sausage-egg-cheese-casserole dish (aka strada), which I will bake in the morning), I'm having a glass of very nice chianti, and all the while I've been listening to my iPod on shuffle.

Some songs from the list (in no particular order, as I've not been keeping track):

Divorce Song - Liz Phair
Crawling King Snake - John Lee Hooker
I Ain't Ever Satisfied - Steve Earle (so apt right now for me)
Crossroads - Tracy Chapman
Please Do Not Go - Violent Femmes
Y-Control - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
No Man's Woman - Sinead O'Connor
Beautiful Girl - Poe

And now a picture of the Man-Kitty (because he improves everybody's mood).


gwinne said...

Yes, my 2-year-old loves looking at the cat pictures on your blog! She said she wanted to see the orange kitty on my computer, and I thought she meant the "helper" cat on Word. Nope, it was Man-Kitty!

D.B. said...

Ye-ah, kick it, Dr. C. You're a noble soul, all baking stuff for your students. I bring food in for my class sometimes and they're totally blasé about it, all eating donuts like they deserve them. So this term I'm making brownies to shake it up. Yeah, those brownies.

[shuffle shuffle; spin]

Nik said...

Oh how I love the Divorce Song. Singing it in my head right now.
We also have an orange cat. His name is Box. Orange cats are the best. And Liz Phair was, once, the best. And Chianti. Well, at least it's red.

Dr. Crazy said...

Gwinne - That's awesome! Apparently the M-K has a big 2-year-old following - Anastasia's 2-year-old also loves the kitty whom she calls "Kitty-Man!"

DB - I think they appreciate the food from me because I'm SO NOT a food-bringing person. Deprive them for a while, and then they'll be totally appreciative. Though THOSE brownies would make things a LOT more interesting....

Dr. Crazy said...

Nik - I agree that LP was, once, the best. No longer. The Man-Kitty actually has quite an officious name in real life, but I love the name "Box" for a kitty! Awesome. Chianti is lovely, though I suppose it's not everybody's red :)