Sunday, December 10, 2006

Academic Rhythms and a Much More Relaxed Crazy

Why is it that I can never remember that the moment that the end of the regular semester is over I achieve a state of calm tranquility and happiness? This has been true since I was an undergraduate. Sure, there are a lot of things to be done in that final week, but one's time becomes more one's own, one can procrastinate and stay up late to catch up if one wants to without necessarily having to pay for it as one would during the regular semester - it is bliss, I tell you, bliss.

Since Friday, I have:

1) Had a great conversation with my step-dad, which improved my mood immensely related to the job search. His theory is that the Man-Kitty is controlling my job search with his mind because he doesn't want to move. You've got to imagine a man with a very thick middle-eastern accent, who is generally very no-nonsense, coming out with this theory after I've been going on and on about how stressed out I am. It totally made me feel better. I also think it might be true. You all might also be interested to know that as soon as the M-K realized to whom I was talking on the phone, he leapt to my ear, meowed loudly, and began to purr and nuzzle the part of the phone where the voice of the other person comes out. It is so weird how much he loves my step-dad. So, so weird. (And in case you think I'm crazy, he has never done this whenever I've been on the phone with any other person, male or female.)

2) Decided that I'm for sure going to MLA whatever the case because, duh, I'm trying to shop a book proposal and it makes good goddamned sense to go if for that reason alone! I'm such an idiot sometimes.

3) Played some Sims 2. Ah, I love my imaginary people.

4) Went "Christmas Shopping" which ultimately included more shopping for myself than anything, but you know what? If I don't buy myself presents, not very many other people will. I did, however, cross one very important item off of my list. It's a hilarious present for my mom. I want to say more, but I don't know how to do so without actually posting the background story on why I had to buy this for her for Christmas.

5) I read Julie and Julia, which is awesome, and if you've not read it then you should, as a) it is really oddly uplifting and b) it talks about blogging in one of the smartest ways I've seen. It is also funny and entertaining and just a great pleasure-read. (See, I've not given up on the reading for pleasure stuff - I've just been preoccupied with so many other things that it's taken a bit of a back-seat to all of my angst stuff.

6) I slept in, in spite of the Man-Kitty's protests.

7) I bought a big container in which to store the Man-Kitty's dry food, because as soon as I brought the bag of it into the apartment yesterday he destroyed it. What the heck.

8) I put up my Christmas tree (which is a tiny little ceramic tree that lights up, and which takes a total of three minutes to get from the closet and to assemble). It was my little Grandma's, and I love it, as tacky as ceramic light-up Christmas trees might be. Also, no way in hell am I decorating for real when I spend the Christmas holidays traveling.

9) I played with the Man-Kitty and his beloved Shoe Lace. I will have to post about this sometime, too, as it's totally a strange fetish he has.

10) I graded one batch of papers. The smallest batch, but who cares. Only three more batches to go before I get finals and the final batch of papers this week.

So yes. I'm feeling very relaxed and happy. And I don't have to go to campus tomorrow. HURRAH!


Anonymous said...

my grandma had one of those trees too! i love them!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Does Man-Kitty go with you out of town for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

My Kittyboy loves the earpiece of my glasses. I buy him expensive toys, and does he like them? Noooo, he wants a piece of string. Or my expensive glasses. (The little weirdo!)

Anonymous said...

My cat destroys the food bag, too. We have to keep it under the counter. Maybe it's their way of "hunting" it or something.

And yes, the pure bliss of not having to be specific places at specific times outweighs the shit that still needs to be done. At least for me. I hate being specific places at specific times :)

Dr. Crazy said...

Yep, the M-K goes out of town with me for Christmas. He's my travel companion to my parents' house, and then they cat-sit while I'm at MLA.

I have traditionally kept the food bag under the counter - but I made the fatal error of thinking that it could wait FIVE MINUTES while I went to the bathroom. Not true, not true. And then when I put the bag under the counter thinking that it would be fine until I went out today to buy a container, he went under the counter to get it, because yes, he can open the cabinet doors. So ultimately the food bag got locked up in the study until this morning. Sad. Sad how much my cat runs the show.