Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's 5:30 AM. Do You Know Where Your Professors Are?

Well, in the case of this one, I've been up for a half hour (thank you, Mr. Early Rising Man-Kitty) and looking around on the internet before I settle down to some early morning grading. I've got one class's grading finished (as in grades are posted and everything); I've got two more to go. (For remember, I've got that fancy course release this semester, so the end-of-term grading is less than it would be usually.) My aim is to have all final grades posted by tomorrow. This would mean that I have the weekend to relax, to do things like clean my house, to prepare for MLA, to prepare for the holiday visit to my hometown. Oh, and I also think I'll spend some of the weekend nursing a stupid cold, which I've clearly caught but which I'm ignoring right now because I have far too much to do to admit that I'm sick right now. It's not bad, but I have a bit of a cough and the sniffles. It is lame.

But so anyway, I will grade, and then I will go to school, and then I will go to the bank, and then I will go to get my hair cut, and then I should go to the gym though I'm not sure if I will, what with the fact that I'm sure to be tired and with the fact that I'm a little sick. I'm just really ready for my semester to be over. And the thing that is both great about finals week and not great about it is that I have the power to decide when the semester truly ends by finishing my grading. I just am having a very hard time motivating myself to grade the stack of papers that sits before me.

On an unrelated note, about five or six people have said they'd be interested in meeting up at MLA. If you'd be interested and haven't yet contacted me, drop me a note because I'm going to continue the planning of this off-blog.

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gwinne said...

I really like that idea of giving yourself the power to end your semester. Unfortunately, I'm not getting portfolios until tomorrow from my writing class (not by my choice), which means my semester will probably carry over until Monday. Happily NOT going to the MLA this year. I hope the rest of you have fun!