Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not Sure What to Write

Mainly because I'm in this weird shifting-gears mood related to the fact that I've been living out of a suitcase since the beginning of the month. One of the things about me is that I'm generally a pretty light-hearted, jovial sort of a person, but that I also have a very serious side, and this is the side that makes people ask me if something is desperately wrong with me if I'm not laughing and gregarious and whatever. I think this serious side comes out especially if I'm feeling sort of like I need alone time or like I haven't been taking care of the serious side enough - whether because I'm doing fun things (as I have been all this month) or because I'm overwhelmed by work things (as can happen during the academic year). I find myself fantasizing about the following:

a. Just lazing about with the Man-Kitty.
b. Spring-cleaning my house (and yes, I'm fully aware that spring has come and gone) and painting one of the rooms maybe.
c. Finally buckling down, polishing the manuscript, and getting my book proposal together.
d. Getting going on job market stuff so as to really make a real run at it this year.

I've also been wondering whether that article slated to come out this summer is out yet. Hmmm.... maybe I'll google myself. Yes, doesn't seem to be out yet. Annoying. Very much looking forward to that.

I also wonder when they're going to decide whether I'm teaching on MONDAY (yes, that's right, I could well be teaching come Monday. I don't even know if I wrote the syllabus, though I've convinced myself I did) or whether the class is axed. At this point? Even though I could use the money? I'm hoping for axed. Edited to Add: It is Cancelled! Yippee! Apparently they tried to contact me to tell me by leaving me a message on my answering machine at home on Friday. Did they not realize that I am a globe-trotter? Did they not realize that even if the class had made its enrollment that I had no intention of returning there until the day before it began? Did they not realize that I don't know how to check my answering machine when away from home and so really email is the only reliable way to get in touch with me? Probably not. Most of my colleagues do not have the freedom to leave their homes for a full month to hang out in other locations, as they have families and own homes and things. This either makes me very footloose and fancy free or it means that I am adrift and alone and without a real life. It also means, however, that I don't NEED the summer teaching to stay afloat financially, and it means that since I don't NEED the teaching, that I will be able to spend the month of July working on research and lying by the pool. Who cares if that credit card won't get paid off, really, when we put it into that kind of perspective?

Ok, well, it is my last day/night at Casa Medusa, and so I shouldn't spend all of my time blogging. As she's asleep, though, I feel as if this was a good use of my time.

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