Friday, June 23, 2006

From the Road

Howdy, all! Well, I've arrived in Grad School City and I'm writing from Dr. Medusa's tower and the thunder is beginning to rumble outside. At any rate, I'm very excited for this long weekend, and I suspect that Med and I will post periodically to tell of our adventures. We're also considering doing a happy hour.... maybe Monday? Not sure. At any rate, as I'll be here until Wednesday, I will not post for a bit about my ruminations re: identity, academia, the state of the profession, the market, etc. But those issues aren't off the table, they're just tabled for the moment :) Thus, until I return to them, thanks all for your comments on the last post - whether supportive, in commiseration, or somewhere in between. It helps.

Ok, I think I need to go find a cocktail or something.... Or read up on Cat Astrology (Med bought me a book about it in the checkout line of the grocery store! What did I do to deserve such an awesome friend????)

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