Sunday, June 25, 2006

All is Pain

A. Dr.Medusa has clearly made something happen with somebody while I have the hick ups.

B, I megt some Englishh Bohy who clearly was not ointo it.,

C. I hate Hickups.

D. I miss my sweett love G.

E. Whhy is this mhy fate?

Dr. Crazy


Anonymous said...

u cant spel.

Dr. Crazy said...

No, alas,I could not spell. I also apparently blogged when I didn't know I was blogging. All is well this morning. Never fear. Dr. Crazy is very pleased with all things, except for her hip, which is in weird pain.

Anonymous said...

That's the best time to blog. Shame on the Englishh Bohy though. Not going to ask about the hip.
Love to Medusa!