Saturday, June 24, 2006

In Which I Wonder Whether It's Normal For Forehead To Throb As If It Was Slammed Repeatedly into Concrete

Wowza. Head hurts very bad. Medusa and I were out very late indeed. There was wine. And then there was whiskey. And then I believe there was beer. And there was a party.... and somebody put me to bed (to couch?) at the party because I had put my head down on the kitchen table to have a little rest, and apparently when you're in a house full of strangers it's not kosher to have a little rest at the table. Apparently. You will be happy to hear that Medusa and I did have the presence of mind to take some (non-identifying) photographs last evening, and so when she returns to consciousness we'll be posting those, I suspect. You know what I wish? I wish Dunkin Donuts made deliveries.


D.B. said...

Dunkin Donuts delivers.

Dr. Crazy said...

Ok, that made me giggle. If only it weren't a special contest but actually something that was just normal!