Monday, June 15, 2009

Fitness (sigh)

Since January 31, I've gained 15 lbs. This is pretty much the opposite of what I'd aimed to do this year, as even before this 15 lbs, I had some weight to lose. But so, now I'm even further in the hole. However. I did have a lot of shit go down this spring, and well, apparently I ate my feelings, but that's no reason to feel badly about myself now. Now, I've gotten all of the things that are super-stressful off my plate (literally), and now it's time to focus on the physical as well as the intellectual/emotional. I figure I've got 2 months to really make some good habits, and the idea is that with that much time to get the habits set that they will carry through in the academic year. In theory this academic year will be easier than last (only teaching 2 days a week, shouldn't be the year of death and relationship upheaval). Also, I'm hoping that after two solid months of putting this as the number one priority that I'll see some positive results that will motivate me.

God, I know this is boring. Even I'm bored and it's about me. But yeah, that's what's on my mind since getting the complete draft of the article hammered out (I had allowed myself to get all of the writing projects off the table before embarking on this project - I figured I'd have a greater chance of success if I did it that way).

Ok, now must shower and get ready to go to school.


Jenny Davidson said...

I find it impossible not to gain weight during the school year! But - Crazy - do you not want to do a TRIATHLON?!? It is what will motivate you to actually exercise - if you can swim even a little bit already, you are FULLY READY TO GO!

Susan said...

Well, FWIW, they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. My sense is that bad habits get established a lot faster (it didn't take me 21 days to get used to a scone with my morning coffee) and good more slowly, but still. . . Good luck!

Bavardess said...

Yeah, I'd say it's more like 2.1 days to establish a bad habit.
I am right there with you on the extra poundage, and in the last few years it has become sadly apparent that it's no longer just a matter of going for a few extra runs to lose it. Gack - I am actually going to have to show some discipline!

Christine said...

You (obviously) are in a position to know your body best, but I just want to throw it out there that one should be wary of using weight as the metric for how healthy your body is or isn't. Good luck getting yourself feeling physically better, whether that does or does not end up entailing weight loss!

helenesch said...

Are there some social things you could do in your area that would be fun and also involve exercise? I haven't taken any classes through my gym, but I know that can help with motivation. For me, it's the local running club (though I love to run anyway!). Knowing that there'll be others there--at least some of whom I'm excited to see--makes it easier to get out the door, and makes the workout fly by fairly painlessly.

You've been through a lot this year, and (with reason) this hasn't been your main focus. You'll get there! Plus, with some extra time on your hands during the summer, you can cook more yummy, healthy foods (it sounds like you're a good cook!)

Anne said...

(me too: 15 lbs.)

running 15K in Utica on July 8 or something.

Not in the mood to do this.

I love Jenny for just going for it.

Bardiac said...


I eat when faced with stress, too. Chocolate, malts, anything with lots of sugar. I tell myself it's either that or bourbon, and in the short term, I feel a LOT better with chocolate than bourbon, I think. I'm not sure about the long term.

This has been an especially hard year for you in a lot of ways. I hope the coming year is way better, and that you meet your fitness goals (weight-related or not).

Comet Jo said...

Only 10 pounds for me! :) To me the killer times for eating I know I shouldn't do are when it after 11 & I'd like to sleep, but I still need to do another hour or two of prep. Not sure what to offer as a solution. Getting the prep done earlier would be good obviously. I agree that triathlons are good motivation, and I just read a book called "Born to Run" that actually makes ultramarathons seem appealing, but I only finished it yesterday, so I can't say whether it will really change the way I run.