Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah, That's More Like It!

I was very cranky yesterday - pretty much all day. In part, this had to do with the fact that I had to have an unpleasant medical procedure yesterday that left me out of sorts, and then I was just irritated by a vast array of topics, not the least of which involving my teaching load for the fall. Anyway. I taught my class last night, giving them a prorated amount of my attention to match my prorated salary, and then I came home and talked to BFF, and went to bed to begin my rereading of the Potter books. But so anyway, this morning I have awakened with a much brighter outlook on life, and I'm feeling positively chipper. I made very delicious coffee, and I have high hopes for a day that is both productive and pleasant.

On the agenda for today:

  • make a pot of chili.
  • work on at least one syllabus for fall. Actually, did two!
  • run dishwasher.
  • sort laundry.
  • work out.
  • teach (which this evening will involve showing a movie, I do believe - which will give me time for grading)
All in all, I think it shall shape up to be a fine, fine Wednesday. Or, at least, I've decided that I need to make it a fine, fine Wednesday.


Kate said...

Sounds like a fine Wednesday to me!

Janice said...

These are all wise plans!

Sisyphus said...

Yum --- I made a pot of chili yesterday!