Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wow. Blasts from the past.

In weeding out the study nonsense, I have happened upon:
  • Pictures of like 3 exes.
  • A number of cards from my sweet little grandma who died during my first year on the tenure-track.
  • These tiny miniature "trouble" dolls , from my mom. The paper that came with says the following: "In the land of Guatemala the Indians tell this old story. They teach that when you have troubles, share them with your dolls. Remove one doll for each problem. Before you go to sleep, tell the doll your trouble. While you are sleeping the dolls will try to solve your troubles. Since there are only six dolls, you are only allowed six troubles a day." Let's just note that there are only five dolls in the tiny container. But my mom's note is the best: "Crazy: I figured you had 2x the worries than the avg. girl your age. Use them wisely. Remember to pack your troubles up and take with you - when not in use. HA-HA." I have no idea when she gave these to me. I also think it's hilarious that she gave the "HA-HA" to me ever not having them in use. But where is trouble doll #6? That is the question.
  • A picture of me and my half-brothers when the bros were BABIES. I cannot believe that the older of the two is man-sized, when I look at that picture.
  • Pictures of me looking positively skinny like a super-model. Must get self in shape this summer. Though I will note that I was terribly unhealthy then - it was grad school when I smoked constantly and pretty much lived on caffeine and alcohol. Perhaps I shall not get back to that particular size and shape, and perhaps that is ok.


Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of a healthy Crazy, whatever size she may happen to be.

Christine said...

I agree! No "perhaps" about it.

The History Enthusiast said...

My friend Mariah had those growing up, but she called them "worry" dolls.

GayProf said...

What type of trouble did you tell Doll 6 that made her pack her things and run away form home?