Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apparently, I Just Needed a Day

So today, I did nothing. Well, not nothing but basically, well, nothing. I read, I napped, I watched some In Treatment (which I'd fallen behind on). And by the time I hit about 8 PM, I felt ridiculously refreshed, and I made my list of things to do between now and memorial day weekend. There will be a lot of spring cleaning, and I'm going to tackle that R&R and get it out of my life as quickly as is humanly possible. I'm estimating that three days of solid work on it will get it done and gone forever. This is the hope, at any rate. And then BES's parents are taking me and another colleague to dinner, and then the inimitable A. comes for our annual Vagina Power Weekend, and then when that's over, the essay collection essay, and then summer teaching, during which time I'll begin working on the conference planning and getting everything ready to go for fall. And, additionally, I'm going to get back on the working out and healthy eating thing that was a goal for this year and that has sadly fallen by the wayside. The goal here is to get all things solidly off of my plate by the end of July so that I really can be free in the few weeks before school starts to totally relax. It felt good making that list. It feels good that I have complete control over my time for the next few months. Yay summer!

(And now I'm going to bed. Because in spite of the napping, I'm tired. And also I want to get an early start to the day tomorrow. I've got big plans.)

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