Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My computer (obviously not the one I'm using right now) has decided that it will not run windows. Now, it knows that it's not running windows (so it's not just a blank screen or something) but this is SOOO uncool.

In other news, on the agenda for this week is attempting to get a solid draft of that article for the essay collection, to go to dinner and a play with a friend tomorrow, to get syllabi done for summer classes, which start Monday, and to finish ordering books for fall. Also, summer fitness activities begin this week, if possible, but if not possible June 1.

Cross your fingers for my computer that it's just a silly and easily fixable problem.

Oh, and in other news, my elementary school sweetheart found me on facebook. Like, I loved him when I was 5 in ways that I think he found very, very irritating, he was the first boy I kissed at 12, etc. I haven't spoken to him since I was 14 or 15. Totally weird.

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