Sunday, May 24, 2009

VPW 2009 - And The Beat Goes On

The Inimitable A. is here, and we have been rocking it out with the Vagina Power for the past 36 hours or so, and we feel that you all might like some highlights of our time together, in the form of quotes.

  • C: "Those shoes are totally like the shoes from Payless in olden times. Remember? How we said they were split personality? Good from the front, and then you'd turn to the side and you foot would look weird? And now Payless is all about the BoGo, and so you have to buy two shitty pairs of shoes to get a deal. I'm so not into that."
  • A: "That lady [at the Kroger] is totally wearing a cat t-shirt with quotes on it." C: "I told you this was the stank Kroger."
  • A: "Do you see how she [in the magazine] is pegging her pants?" C: "I will not do that again."
  • C: "What time is it?" A: "Like 2 PM." C: "I think we should stay at the pool until 3." A: "Totally. That's perfect."
  • C: "I feel like we're not sunburned." A: "I know. We're like bronze."
  • A: "Look how fucking horrible my sunburn is." C: "You can't look at that. It will hurt your feelings.
  • C: "That's not Vagina Power. That's Insect Power." A: "I think your Mr. Stripey just ate another fly. It's like Africa in here."
  • A: "I have my own house and I live with my boyfriend and I still want Jake Ryan to be my boyfriend."
  • A: "Your bridesmaid's dress will be modeled after Samantha's in 16 Candles in the wedding of A. and M."
  • A: "Look at M. in the yearbook. You know, he made varsity football as a sophomore. That's a catch." C: "Dimo."
  • C: "OMG. That guy from high school was such a dweeb! He's so cute now! (as we see from trolling Facebook)."
  • A: "My legs are fire legs. What was I thinking? That's some hot shit."
  • C: "What doesn't make you more angry than diarrhea?"
  • C: "Ther's no rule about beer after wine." A: "We make our own rules in Vagina Power."
In addition, we both bought the appropriate gladiator-style sandals for our respective feet (Crazy has the chubby feet of babies, and A. has the narrow feet that mean M. will later poke extra holes in the strap so they fit A.'s tiny ankles/heels). In other news, we have viewed some new Vagina Power videos, including this one. We emailed the link to BFF, and she responded, "The shit don't go down without us."

That's Vagina Power.

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