Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wide Awake and It's Morning

Well, technically it's afternoon, but I am wide awake, and I'm feeling quite chipper, except for the fact that I have some sort of hip injury that comes from a.) something I can't recall or b.) sleeping on Futon (An American Tragedy). At any rate, I didn't recall posting my poorly spelled missive of last night.... and thus I was quite surprised to see it when I looked at my blog this morning. It is interesting to me that I decided I loved and missed G. in my state of last evening - also interesting that I couldn't spell "hiccups," though I did try to sound it out. Medusa and I attempted to reconstruct last night, and I believe our antics can be traced directly back to sangria and champagne (though not really champagne, as it was from Spain). I had quite the soul-searching conversation with that English boy I mentioned, who right about now should be at some lame bar watching England play Ecuador (Is that spelled right? I'm not sure) in the world cup. Or maybe that's over? I don't really know how long soccer matches take....

Medusa is busy with the self-loathing, and i'm trying to make her stop with that. It's not good for a person. This afternoon we're going to go hang out with our friend with a baby, and then who knows what will happen next. I feel like we should stay home and behave like responsible adults today, though the likelihood of that is probably small.

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Anonymous said...

england won. 1-0