Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Less Cranky

While it is true that I still have a million things to do, I am feeling less disgruntled than earlier. 1) I've finally set up an actual appointment with the IT guy! I will actually be able to use my new computer this coming semester! Yippee!

I also took my car in and they made a stupid light (who needs lights related to tire pressure, I ask you) go off, and so my little car is all set and ready to go! Yay!

And now I'm home making lunch, and then I'll do some work, and then I'll go to the gym.

Part of my crankiness has to do with the fact that I'm to drive to see my father on Saturday. This will involve 8 hours total in the car, so 4 hours to get there - the "wow, I haven't seen you in 4 years and now you're dying - that sucks" visit - and then 4 hours home. I hate being an only child and I hate that I have to deal with this. Urgh.

Ok, enough of that, though. Must focus on the positive in order to continue to feel less cranky.


Bardiac said...

That trip sounds like a good reason to feel cranky. But, your car is in good shape, and that's helpful.

Drive safely, please, and take good care of yourself.

auto ethnographer said...

That tire sensor light came on in my car not long after I bought it and it totally freaked me out!!You'd think (with that amount of gadgetry) that it could at least identify which tire is low on air.
...Sorry about your dad.

k8 said...

You have every reason to be more than cranky! Take care!