Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just When I Think I'm Too Busy for Words, I Make Myself Busier

New Developments:

  • Apparently there is some dissent within the revising the major committee. I think I've figured out how to handle it, but it does mean more work for me between now and a week from now.
  • I've got a review to write (although the review will require me to read a book that will assist with both a) the R&R and b) the February conference presentation, and maybe even with the conference presentation in June, so really it's very useful for multiple projects) between now and Sunday.
In other words, Crazy is CRAZYbusy, and so if you don't hear from her in the next few days, you should know it's because she is very virtuous and productive. Or maybe you'll hear from her a ton because she needs breaks. Although it won't be interesting if you do. Consider yourself forewarned, either about my silence or about my boringness.

In other news, FB has been very busy with the writing, and Crazy has served as an editor of sorts for two of his various projects, even though she feels like she's completely too silly with her humanities ways to offer any good feedback. In spite of her feelings of silliness, she feels that he should be very appreciative of this in very demonstrable ways. It is important to note that FB really is lovely, and I am fully confident that he will be appropriately appreciative (if not spectacularly demonstrative, at least in terms of compliments and verbal accolades, as he does not roll that way, which I do grudgingly accept, although I do really love compliments and verbal accolades).

Why am I doing so many things?!? Why do I feel so energized when clearly I'm doing way more than anybody should do?!? These, my friends, are unanswerable questions. Though I will say, it probably has much to do with the fact that this is spring semester rather than fall. I have so much more energy at this time of year.


gwinne said...

Yes, you sure are Crazy Busy. Probably too busy to address this question...but here's something I've been thinking about related to work, which you touch on, in a way.

Yesterday two separate committees/groups I'm working sent emails asking me to do work (work that hadn't ever been mentioned before) and have it turned back within twenty four hours. This strikes me as just wrong. It means someone farther up in the academic food chain sits on something for a while and then it gets to be crunch time but the person who feels the crunch is *me* (and fellow colleagues in similar situations). Before email, I'm guessing such requests wouldn't have been possible at all.

I write things in my planner and do them. But I get radically annoyed when my schedule is altered because of these kinds of issues. Life always comes up. But should professors really be "on call" like this?

Historiann said...

You deserve an award or something! Go to for details...(no extra work required of you!)