Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank Goodness This Week Is Over

I've still got tons I need to do to be well and fully caught up, but happily, I have no reason that I need to go into campus today, I'm sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee, and I'm feeling like I can take the day slowly for the first time in like 3 weeks. All that's on the agenda for today is to do some writing stuff, to go to the gym, and to make some soup. Maybe I'll grade if I feel the urge. Maybe I'll work on some curriculum stuff. I may pay bills. I should do my taxes. But I don't have anything I absolutely must do except for the gym.

Speaking of the gym, in spite of the monkey wrench that was thrown into my month with the whole funeral business last week and with the various candidates coming to campus for their visits, I still managed to lose 9 pounds since the new year. Let's note that this puts me back where I was about last March, so I've still got more pounds than I'd like to record in this forum to lose, but the whole "my only resolution is fitness" thing appears to be working. Even when the working out has suffered, and even when I had to eat out for various things, I still managed to stay on track and I feel on track to continue with my progress.

It's worth noting that I haven't been doing anything super-magical to achieve the above. I've got a calorie tracker in my phone (which keeps me honest), so I have been keeping track of how much I'm consuming, and I've been working out an average of 4x per week, though not for some ridiculous amount of time or anything (30 mins to an hour). I'm not on a "diet" per se, but I am cooking a lot and eating more veggies than anything else, and I have breakfast every morning, which has not historically been something I'm very good about. So yeah. Apparently it's going ok, and I remain motivated. And I'm losing inches and not just pounds, so things are clearly going in the right direction.

So. Let's see. What else? Nothing really. I just have a lot that I want to do, and once this search cte nonsense is over, I have high hopes that I'll be able actually do do some of it. Only a few more days.

Perhaps more later. I've got a few posts percolating in my head, but for now, I'd like to check some things off of my to-do list.


PhysioProf said...

w00t on the fitness!!

Academic2 said...

yeah on your overall healthiness! I too have a tracker on my phone, and also a walkmeter, which tracks me by gps. The one I have isn't the best (as it has to be the only ap running) but I only use it when I am walking the dogs. Much more accurate than a pedometer. And it tells you how many calories you've burned (although I think it runs high).

I've lost 5 pounds since I got serious about it.