Thursday, January 07, 2010


Outside it is a winter wonderland, and I am bored. Totally bored. Stir-crazy. I blame all of the working out. I have stuff I could do around the house, but it's cold and I don't feel like doing housework. So I've spent much of the day curled up beneath an afghan on the couch, reading a novel that is the key to a problem I'd been wrestling with in the Next Book's structure. Huzzah! I have solved an important problem. But this makes me no less bored and stir-crazy.

In theory I could go out into the world, but I live in a place with approximately one snow plow and a ton of hills. I don't understand why this is the case, given the fact that it does snow here every single year.

In other news, I've become the sort of person who turns on Big Cat Diary every day at 3 PM for Mr. Stripey, who watches it with almost religious fervor. Like, seriously: I turn on the television, he realizes that "his stories" are on, he parks himself on the sofa right in front of the tv and stays there for the next hour. Nothing can move him. During commercials, he looks out the window. He seems to enjoy the cheetahs best, and I am beginning to wonder whether he believes that he is a cheetah. The Man-Kitty is far too evolved to find television interesting, so he is taking a nap with his eyes open, which freaks me out.

I am so bored. So, so bored. Maybe I'll cook something. Sigh.


Bardiac said...

Have you made a snow angel yet?

Sisyphus said...

Heee! Does Mr. Stripey run around a lot?

Dr. Crazy said...

Mr. Stripey does run around a lot, he carries toys (some unwieldy and larger than you think he'd want to carry) in his mouth, in the manner of cheetahs dragging impalas around, and "hunts" not only Man-Kitty but also various mouse toys.

In contrast, Man-Kitty's M.O. appears to be to lie on his back and to let his prey come to him. Or to meow at me to provide things for him. (I will never forget the first time M-K meowed at me until he got my attention and then proceeded to lead me across the room to where a fly was on the wall and to meow at the fly until I killed it. Lazy cat. No killer instinct whatsoever.)

Maude Lebowski said...

I love when animals watch t.v. My ex-husband used to hunt (gawd, WTF was I thinking??) and watched hunting shows and one of the funniest things I ever saw was the Divine Miss T, upon seeing a deer head on the t.v. screen run to the back of the t.v. looking for the deer's backside. She ran to the front to double check to make sure the deer was still there, then to the back again and then she looked at us with this confused look on her face like "where'd the rest of it go?" It was hysterical. We couldn't believe what had just happened.

JaneB said...

A cat who visited when we were kids (we were one of several homes on her circuit) was a mighty hunter, and also loved wildlife programmes. One evening there was a programme where a camera was inside a nesting box of baby birds. Watching that cat try to get into the TV from front, back, top and bottom was hilarious.