Sunday, August 16, 2009

And.... She's BACK

The visit to the Great State of North Carolina was a smashing success, my 35th birthday went off without a hitch, and FL is grand, and a grand host.

Now it's time to have that Sunday Feeling on the eve of my department retreat, anxiously considering what tomorrow will hold, and all of the work that I must do between now and the start of the semester. Real posts will follow once I've recovered from my travels :)


Digger said...

Welcome back and happy birthday!

Susan said...

Welcome back! Glad the weekend was grand!

Bardiac said...

Welcome back, and happy birthday :)

Good luck for the coming semester: here's wishing you fun students and great teaching ahead, meaningful meetings where work actually gets done, and collegial colleagues!

Dr. Crazy said...

Right back at you, Bardiac! Those are very nice things that I think we all wish for at the beginning of a new semester!