Friday, July 24, 2009

Not a Fan of this Whole Early Rising Business

Another day-long meeting today, and so here I am, awake. I do not like this. Summer is NOT over yet, and it is uncool in the extreme that I am awake and that I need to leave the house by 9 (only to just be on time). Not much else to report, nor will there likely be until approximately a week from now. I've got these meetings today and then at the start of next week, and then I'm going to Hometown to visit. I'll then be back here for about a week (where I WILL. NOT. WORK. Must not work. Must rest and rejuvenate before the semester begins) and then to NC for my birthday weekend, and then back here for the start of the semester. Oh, and did I mention that I have to do grades for my summer courses? I have to do grades for my summer courses. If I were a wise and efficient lady I would be doing that now instead of posting here. I am not a wise and efficient lady. But how can I possibly grade before being in a meeting all day? Just how?

So yes. Anyway, you can expect regular whining from now until I take off to the land of my youth. You can't, however, expect me to write about anything I'm actually doing with any specificity, for I'm in the midst of an all-consuming and yet also Unmentionable Thing.

So the question is, what am I going to wear today? And is it wrong that I really totally want to wear sweatpants? Although of course I won't because that would not Make the Best Impression? Ah well. I suppose I should go and prepare for the day ahead. Also perhaps look at the lunch menu, as that may give me something to look forward to.

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Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I used to have a pair of Secret Sweatpants that felt like sweats but actually looked pretty professional. Alas, I wore them till they were baggy & pilled & no longer suitable for work, & couldn't find another pair. But everyone needs Secret Sweats for days like this.