Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Great Ideas for a Title: RBOC

  • The 5 Days of grueling committee work is DONE. I love my smaller group within the committee. We rule. As for the committee as a whole, well, I believe everybody had their hearts in the right place, even if I think the work my smaller group did rules more.
  • Apparently I have a future both in voice-over work and as a professional power-point presenter. Who knew?
  • I volunteered to be on the Next Grueling Committee. Yes, I'm a dummy.
  • I talked to BES tonight, who confessed she's been reading my blog religiously since I revealed it to her (which I knew she would, so it was hilarious that she felt like this was a confession) but she also wanted to let people know that what I said about forcing students to be mentored is, from her experience, exactly what I do, and that it works. In other news, BES ROCKED her GREs, and she deserves congratulations. I also informed her that if she was going to be reading over here she should also be commenting over here, so if you see BES, yep, that is exactly who you think it is.
  • I told a colleague about the blog. The reveal happened in part because we knew somebody in common, but seriously, I'd figured I'd tell her for a long time. Anyway, welcome to colleague friend who's probably reading!
  • What else? I don't know. I'm fried from the committee I've been serving on. At some point I'll talk about it, but at this point it's too close to the process. So since I'm fried, I'll just shut up for now. Suffice it to say I'm so glad I volunteered to serve for this. A SUPER experience. SUPER.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the blog, BES. :)

Dr. Crazy said...

Anastasia, you should be having a baby and not commenting on my blog. Why is Modenkind dragging his feet?!?!@?

This is my question.

Susan said...

Welcome to BES, and congratulations on your GREs!

Doctor Pion said...

What else?

Why, go read this blog of mine and be the first in your department to take up Tweet-haiku (tweet-ku?) as an art form or subject for study.

Oh, to be teaching lit-crit in an era of the revival of beat poetry.

PS - Be sure to read the BBC story linked in the PS to the blog.

Colleague said...

Yes, the colleague friend is now reading the blog but mostly because I am immensely curious about how the intense committee went...especially given the fact it arose out of a problematic situation at the end of last semester. I was also curious (hoping?) to see if Dr. Crazy said scandalous and shocking things about her colleagues (including myself!), but alas she is quite kind ;)

I don't really plan on commenting on the postings as this is Crazy's blog and her musings on academic life. She does not need "Prufrockian" commentary from a colleague along the lines of "That is not what we meant at all" on her perceptions/observations of departmental and institutional shenanigans. Not that her perceptions/observations (those that I have read) are wrong.

However, I would like to state publicly that I, like many of her colleagues in the department, appreciate Crazy's willingness to serve on this intense summer committee. Several department members wanted us to send no representation whatsoever in protest--something that made it difficult for the chair to find someone willing and, more importantly, suitable to serve.

Dr. Crazy said...

Colleague: Thanks for poking your head in! We'll need to get dinner or coffee and I'll tell you all about the Intense Committee - that's not for the public audience of the blog :)

But thanks for your support in the comment (and otherwise) - it means so much! And I had no idea that there were people who wanted nobody represent us on that committee! That's just NUTS!