Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Ok, so I didn't get my snow day (although I did get snow), and I've been... I don't know. I've just been in a state for about the past week. I blame the following:
  • The book.
  • The end of the semester.
  • The MLA paper looming.
  • The fact that I'm in Laundry Dire Straits.
  • The sounds of silence on my end re: the few applications I have out vs. the mutterings on the wiki, which I know that I should not peruse and yet I do, like a freak. I know, I know: no news is good news. Except with the advent of the wiki, no news can make one feel like a loser, which really sucks. Especially as one may not BE a loser for real. Ugh.
This has made me a little... edgy. But there is hope, friends! I found a way to skedaddle from the office and now I'm home to Accomplish things and to have a relaxing afternoon and potentially a nap with my sweet, sweet kitty-cat. But first, there shall be a delicious home-cooked lunch. Indeed.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If it makes you feel any better, the rumor over at "Philosophy Job Market" (a blog), is that someone is going into the Wikis and randomly deleting and changing things... I'm not sure it is true, but they are blaming lack of info on that...

Nik said...

wiki is bad. Bad wiki.

Dr. Crazy said...

Yes, the wiki is evil. IPF - actually, I heard a rumor about sabotage... at least on the page for my field, there's nothing totally apparent, just... I don't know. Weird information over the past week or so. Reports of MLA interviews scheduled for places with late deadlines or before one had even received the EEOC card - stuff that in my experience is atypical. Now, I could just have crap experience, and so could be out of the running at those places... or somebody could be posting false info (as happened last year on some of the wikis). Impossible to know. And this, my friends, is why life was better before the wiki. It doesn't tell you anything, ultimately, but rather just amps up the insanity. And yet, I cannot help myself. It's a sickness.

Belle said...

Gah. Fah. Wikis. Diet chocolate. Demise of civilization. Have faith in yourself, Dr Crazy. And hope you enjoyed your nap.