Friday, May 08, 2009

And This Is Why Research Agendas Are Impossible for Me

I just got an email today asking me to transform Silly Conference Paper from April into an actual essay, to be included in a collection that already has a publisher lined up. This is good news, right? But I'd totally never intended on doing anything with that paper. And now it's got to be a complete article by the end of June.

Ah well, piece of cake, right? And I shouldn't complain. It's a good thing when publications fall from the sky. And it also means that I don't actually need a research agenda, for the universe already has an agenda set for me.

In other news, 2/4 classes are graded, and I am not feeling very motivated toward doing the other two.


Susan said...

That's terrific! Obviously someone recognized the awesomeness of Dr. Crazy. Of course, my idea of a research agenda is usually after the fact, when I impose a set of conceptual/theoretical connections on my work.... SO I really agree on a research agenda, even though I think of myself as sort of having one.

Good luck on the last two classes. I'm not motivated on grading either.

kermitthefrog said...

Ha, I love recognition when it comes from the sky. Nice. :)