Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rage + Headache = Cranky Crazy

Filled. With. Rage.

At a great many things. Have been all day. And now I have what may well be the start of a migraine. But I can't cancel class because we didn't have class last week, and you just can't miss two full weeks of class in a row (it meets once a week).

I really want to crawl into bed and never leave it until it's spring. After I go on a murderous rampage (for one can't crawl into bed with pent up rage - it's just not the done thing).


Shane in SLC said...

Dammit, I hate when you delete a post before I get a chance to read it, then you refer to that post for the next several posts. It's like having the first twenty pages of a novel ripped out, or something.

Anyway, I hope whatever has you enraged gets fixed soon.

Belle said...

It's probably more like rage > migraine, no?

Breathe deeply. This too shall pass. And until then, there're kitties and chocolate.

My word is whurbair: the possibilities are endless.