Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Which I am the Ad Hoc Chair of Turf Wars... Because I'm an Idiot

Poof! I needed to vent, and I'm glad I did, but seriously, that venting doesn't need to exist on my blog for all eternity.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh poof. I was just going to say that this made me think about the curriculum of my english major which was, I think, intended to give one a historical overview--there were classes required for each major period in british and then american lit. The only choice, within that, was between poetry and prose. that's all so sort of beside the point I really wanted to make, which was the preparation issue. I'm struggling with that now and with how to teach a service course effectively at a regional comprehensive. because I'm pretty sure I suck. at least i realize I suck.