Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Which My Mom Sees Reason

Sure, she's jerky, but at least if you tell her she's being a jerk she ultimately gets it and feels sorry about it and stops being a jerk as much as is possible. Just had an hour-long talk with her, and it was good.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad.

The History Enthusiast said...

Happy to hear that you guys worked things out.

Dr. Crazy said...

Yeah, me too. I did sort of know she would, but the thing with my mom is that she can just be totally unreasonable in the initial stage of anything. As she put it, "You know me! I'm close-minded! And judgmental! And I think if I don't feel something or haven't felt something that it just doesn't exist!"

But I love my mom, and she really is actually good as moms go most of the time, though just often forgets that I'm more squishy than she is about emotional things. In her head, she raised me to be strong, and so she just figures I am - all the time. My mom's a tough cookie, and this is a good quality in a mom in lots of situations, but it sucks when you need a mom to be something other than the tough-love person.

But I'm glad things are cool with us. And I'm glad I pointed out to her how shitty she can be without realizing it, and that I told her what I need, and that all of those things penetrated her thick, thick, pigheaded skull.

Susan said...

Yea you for standing up for yourself in the midst of this.